About Us

    The empanada, a pastry pocket stuffed with a filling, is a variation of one of the most universal dishes in the world. Every culture has its own version, whether it is called a dumpling, a fatay, a samosa or a pierogi. The Spaniards adopted the concept of empanadas from the Moors and were the first to bring them to South America. In Argentina, the various combinations of ingredients have been improved and refined for centuries. Today’s Argentine empanadas are not only a staple food but a gourmet treat.

    These days, we recognize that the way you eat is as important as what you eat. For that reason, it is better for our health to enjoy meals in a convivial atmosphere, where the act of eating is not just about feeding the body, but also about nurturing the soul. That is the spirit of Porteña: we offer empanadas that can be shared around the table with loved ones, and we look at empanadas as proof that we have as much in common as individuals as we do in our choice of meals.

    With a wide variety of flavors and textures, our empanadas are made with fresh seasonal ingredients that reflect nature’s wisdom. We make our empanadas by hand, one by one, just like our own grandmothers made them. As a result, we don’t just feed people—we nourish them.


    Why Empanadas?

    • Easy to handle and store
    • Good as an appetizer or main dish
    • Variety of flavors in a single meal
    • Freezer friendly
    • Great as leftover food (if there are any left)

    Why Porteña Empanadas

    • All empanadas made from scratch, by hand
    • Best seasonal ingredients
    • Variety of fillings with a gourmet touch
    • No fillers, no artificial flavors, no colorants, no preservatives
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